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4 year olds to 5 year olds

This is the beginning of a special stage in your child's life in getting ready for school. They are learning about independence and self-confidence. Armenta's Early Childhood Development will service Pre-K with TEA (Texas Education Agency.) This program increases children's school readiness through six evidence driven components; Researched based curriculum, technology driven, child's progress monitoring, facilitated teacher professional development, on-going teacher mentoring, and sustainability. Our Pre-School Program offers age appropriate activities that build upon the foundations of early learning skills while focusing on language ability,  reasoning, literature, motor skill development, Science, Dramatic and Creative play, Math concepts, Computer Technology, Art, Music, Early Reading, Early Writing, Songs, Games, and Spanish.

AECD will serve hot healthy meals that includes breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. Meals are served family style and children will be able to help with the table setting and clean-up. We practice proper table manners. Teachers encourage the children to taste every food item. Since we are on the USDA program NO FOOD IS ALLOWED IN OR OUT.


       Ms. Luz

Marina M..jpg

       Mrs. Marina


       Ms. Veronica

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