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Our Story

Armenta's Early Childhood Development is more than just a daycare center – it is a reflection of our deep-rooted spiritual and family values. Our journey began with Ms. Anna's Home Child Care, a cherished home-based establishment founded in 1991 and licensed for a decade by the Texas Department of Child Care Licensing. Guided by unwavering principles, we have grown from our humble beginnings to serve the Southbelt Houston community as Armenta's ECD at our early childhood center. Our expansion is a testament to the trust placed in us by families and the community.


We are proud to continue our legacy of warmth and care, embracing everyone with the same philosophy that led to the creation of Ms. Anna's Home Child Care – "Mi casa es su casa", that is, "My home is your home."


Our mission is to provide our Houston community with a daycare that has a home feeling, rooted in Christian values, offering a safe haven for children. We are dedicated to developing the next generation through quality care and the promotion of respectable morals. Our focus is on building children's skills, ensuring that they are as intelligent, ethical, and school-ready as they can be.


​At Armenta's Early Childhood Development, we are dedicated to providing every child with a strong foundation for life. Through love, compassion, devotion, and an understanding of each child's individuality, we aim to instill lifelong principles from the very beginning.


To maximize your child's progress in our program, we adhere to a daily schedule of routines that span the day. Recognizing the significance of structure and consistency in a child's early development, we facilitate growth across four crucial areas: PHYSICAL, SOCIAL, EMOTIONAL, and COGNITIVE (Intellectual/ language skills).




Texas Rising Star (TRS) Certified

We offer quality care that exceeds the State’s Minimum Child Care Licensing Standards for director and staff qualifications, caregiver-child interactions, age-appropriate curricula and activities, nutrition and indoor/outdoor activities, and parent involvement. As we progress through the levels of TRS provider certification, we contribute progressively more to the development of the children we serve on a daily basis.

Our Core Values


We strive to be an extension of our children's support system and teach them to value those around us


This is what enables us to achieve high standards and be team-players


It's more than just listening to others, It's about being kind and helping others



It's how we support our children's ability to make a change in the world


We believe in having honest communication and transparent processes


We are appreciative of our team, families, and community for their trust instilled in us

Painting Class
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Our curriculum starts in September and ends in June. The curriculum at AECD follows the standards established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). This program is designed to inspire a joy of learning to the children through their natural curiosity of sight, sound, touch, and smell with hands-on learning year around. The curriculum is aligned with the learning standards of the HEAD START framework guidelines that meet national standards. This curriculum will build skills in Literacy, Math, Music, Art, Science, and Social Skills. This will provide your child to be able to adapt to diverse learning styles in their individual level. The results will be a meaningful learning experience where your child will build a foundation of lifelong learning skills. Please remember that all children are unique and learn differently, have patience and work with  your child and you also will see the results of your child's INTELLECTUAL GROWTH take off! It is an awesome feeling.

At AECD, we believe that children gain a sense of security from knowledge. That there are consistent, responsible limits and that these limits are designed to nurture and protect them. We recognize that each child is an individual. We provide an environment that promotes complete development of children preparing them to advance to a school age education program.



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