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Recipes for your Children

Here are some amazing receipes you can create for your children.



Peach, Pineapple & Orange Smoothie

Make sure your yogurt is #CACFPCreditable!

Elmo’s Strawberry Pops

Make sure your yogurt is #CACFPCreditable!


Creamy Wild Rice

Wild rice is harvested in northern Minnesota on the Ojibwa lands, where it grows naturally in the waterways. This form of wild rice has been an essential component of the Native American diet for many generations. The prepared product is soft and plump and has a nutty fl avor.

Asian Chickn & Broccoli

Are you struggling to get the children in your care to eat broccoli? Are they getting bored of chicken? Try introducing them to a new flavor combination with this Asian Chicken and Broccoli recipe from NCA. 

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