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"We promise your child will learn something everyday. Some days they will bring it home. Some days they will bring it home in their hearts." - Mrs. Anna



Armenta's Early Childhood Development is more than just a daycare. It is a valuable learning tool in a preschool environment. Our mission is to provide our community, a daycare that has a home feeling with Christian values. The child's first safe haven away from their home. We are a reliable and educational place that cares for and develops children into the next generation by not only providing quality care but also establishing and promoting respectable morals in each child's life. We strive to build their PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, SOCIAL and COGNITIVE (intellectual/language) skills, in order for them to be as intelligent, ethical, and school ready as they can be. Remember the early years are the most important years of your child's life.


We, the faculty and staff of Armenta's Early Childhood Development, believe that each child needs to be nourished with a solid foundation from the onset of life with love, compassion, devotion and spirituality to the unique needs of each child to establish lifelong principles.


For your child to benefit from our program, we have daily schedule of routines that we do throughout the day. Children need structure and routines and this will help them grow in four areas of the child development and learning process of their early life, PHYSICAL, SOCIAL, EMOTIONAL AND COGNITIVE or (INTELLECTUAL / LANGUAGE). The early years are the most important years of your child's life.


Our curriculum starts in September and ends in June. The curriculum at AECD follows the standards established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). This program is designed to inspire a joy of learning to the children through their natural curiosity of sight, sound, touch, and smell with hands-on learning year around. The curriculum is aligned with the learning standards of the HEAD START framework guidelines that meet national standards. This curriculum will build skills in Literacy, Math, Music, Art, Science, and Social Skills. This will provide your child to be able to adapt to diverse learning styles in their individual level. The results will be a meaningful learning experience where your child will build a foundation of lifelong learning skills. Please remember that all children are unique and learn differently, have patience and work with  your child and you also will see the results of your child's INTELLECTUAL GROWTH take off! It is an awesome feeling.

At AECD, we believe that children gain a sense of security from knowledge. That there are consistent, responsible limits and that these limits are designed to nurture and protect them. We recognize that each child is an individual. We provide an environment that promotes complete development of children preparing them to advance to a school age education program.


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