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5 years old - 12 years old

Our After-School Program allows children at neighboring elementary schools to be picked up and brought back to AECD. The children are encouraged to finish homework and other school assignments. Assistance is always available by our helpful staff. The children are then free to occupy themselves by a variety of ways. We have a large selection of toys and games. Arts and craft projects are always popular especially around the holidays. We have plenty of space to accommodate team sports such as soccer, basketball and kickball. We at Armenta's Early Childhood Development like to emphasize the importance of moral values, manners and courtesy. We instill these qualities in our daily curriculum and activities so that our students have strong characteristics and excellent moral judgment. Guiding children this way will allow them to be orderly and solve problems unaided and peacefully. The nature of this method shows us that freedom and discipline are two faces of the same medal.

A snack is available when they get to the daycare and unwind a little. We will give children time to do their homework but we ask the parents to take time to review and go over your child's homework so that you are in step with their learning and progress.

We offer Morning Drop Off and Afterschool Pick Up at the following schools:

Atkinson Elementary

laura Bush Elementary

Morris Middle School

Beverly Hills Inter.

beta academy

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Ms. Madeleine

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Ms. Victoria

Summer Camp

Downtown Aquariam at AECD
Discovery Green
Splash Pad
Outreach Program
Children's Museum
Museum of Natural Science
Field Trip
Waiting in line
Space Center Houston
Spring Break_Rodeo_edited
Afterschool Baking
Bayou Wildlife
Dentist at Armentas
Marshas Petting Zoo
Houston Interactive Aquarium and Animal Preserve
Science activity in Afterschool
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